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In this document RNS refers to RIDA Network Solutions Inc. and the agent refers to the person who resells† our product and services





Agent agree to buy at least $200 worth of PINís every month. Cards can be in any denomination ($2, $5, $10, $15, $20, etc). The cards can be new PIN numbers or recharge PINís. The purchased PINís will be sent to the agent via secure email. These PINís can be sold to a retail store or can be sold directly to the end customer, to maximize the profits. Following is a table showing sales and profit percentage


Order†††††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† Bonus Cards††††††††† Profit Percentage

$200 < $499                                  $  20 ó $  50                         10%

$500 < $999†                                 $ 75 ó $150                          15%

$1000 or more                               $200 ó $$$$                         20%

Sell more make more profits. These cards do not have any expiration (this may change at anytime) and can be used for months or year or longer. PINís can be ordered through our web order form. Please click on order now to place an order.


All PINís come with following features for the caller:

Pinless dialing

Web account access

Adding Multiple phones to the same account

Access to call history logs

Speed dial setup

Recharge cards available (same denominations as the regular PINís)

Customer support, Etc.,


Pre-payment is required for every purchase order. We accept direct bank deposits or money orders. Use of credit cards cost 5% of the transaction amount.





RNS helps its agents in multiple ways


Limited Agents per Area: We limit the number of agents we have in any area to reduce competition and maximize profits for our agents.


Sales Support: Every agent gets an extension number from RNS, sales calls to Ridac Network Solutions will be directed to the sales agentís cell phone. And a voice mail account is created to help the agents to get back to their customers. Retail store queries from agentís area will be passed to the agent for negotiations and successfully increasing their sales quota. *conditions apply


Marketing Support: Agent can order, printed business card, brochures, flyers and other advertising material from RNS at a very low price. And depending on the sales, Agent Name and number will be advertised on RNS webpage.






Email us at sales@dialdial.com