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STEP 1: Download Softphone and Instructions from the www.dialdial.com

A) Click Here to download

B) Save the zip file on your computer.

C) Open the zip file with winzip or any other decompression software.

STEP 2: Installation

D)       Click Next

E)       Click “I accept the agreement”

F)        Click “Next”

G)       Click “Next”

H)       Check All boxes and click on “Next”

I) Installation will begin, then click on finish

J) Close all pop up windows, select No on all.


K)       Softphone dialer will open

L) Close the side window, click on “Detach” and the close the window


STEP 3: Account Setup

A)       Click on menu and select “SIP Account Settings”

B)       A new SIP Accounts Window opens, click on Add on the top right side

C) Enter Your Display Name

D) Username & Password

E) Enter Authorization user name

F) Domain

G) Select Proxy

H) intl.dialdial.com:5060

I) Goto Topology Tab

J) Select “Discover global address”

K) Select “Use Specified Server”

L) Stun.dialdial.com:3478

M) Check “Enable ICE”

N) Press “OK”

O) Close the “SIP Accounts” window

P) At this time the softphone should show your username

Q) The Phone is ready to dial.

R) To call India, dial 01191xxxxxxxxxx

S) To call USA or Canada dial 1xxxxxxxxxx

T) To call any other country dial

           011+(country code)+(city code)+Local Number